What is The Fantasy Nook?

The Fantasy Nook is a blog for fantasy writers and readers interested in learning more about the genre.

If you’re a writer, this is a place where you can find inspiration and advice. Posts will range in content from writing advice to book reviews and samples of my own work. Feel free to interact with others in the comments if you have tips of your own or know the answer to questions they have. Just remember to keep all interactions respectful!

If you’re a reader, this is a place to discover more about your favorite genre. Maybe it’ll even encourage those of you interested in writing fantasy to get your feet wet in the genre. Either way, you’ll get a behind-the-scenes view on what writers think about and the tools they use when creating the books you love so much. You’ll also be able to see some of the fantasy novels I’ve read and reviews of various books. I hope you’ll find new authors and worlds to fall in love with as you browse The Fantasy Nook.

About Me

I started writing when I was around five or six. The years from that point to the point where I started seriously wanting to write well are the years of childish tales and terrible writing. You know, the kind of stuff you cringe at and wish your mother had tossed in the garbage. I didn’t start looking to really improve my work until I was around twelve or thirteen. From then on, I’ve been writing and I’ve never stopped.

Since that decision to become an author at twelve, I have self-published with Amazon, and I have also been published with Port & Key in their first anthology, Above & Beneath. The prequel to my series Annals of Alcardia was published with Amazon along with an updated version of In Darkness Lost. In the late fall, another short story set in Alcardia will be released as part of Port & Key’s second anthology. I’ll keep you all updated about these as the release dates get closer and I have more to share!

If you would like signed copies of any of the books I have published, you can now acquire those. I will collect the orders and try to send them out once a month at the end of each month. I know this means things will take a little longer to ship, but in the interest of keeping things flowing smoothly, I can’t make it to the post office every time a single order comes in.

If you’re interested in ordering a signed or unsigned copy directly from me, let me know via email at arielpaiement@gmail.com. Payments will come to me through Paypal, so I won’t have any information about shipping or anything else besides a name, if you pay me directly with Paypal. This, of course, would make it difficult to get you your book, so it is absolutely essential that you email me with the address you want it sent to, the name to address it to, and the email you want me to contact with tracking information. I will be happy to get one to you. The prices will be just under what Amazon charges. This gives you a bit of a discount while still enabling me to cover the costs of printing and shipping.

Amazon prints on demand, so please be aware that if an order comes in after the 17th of that month, I may not be able to order it with that month’s shipment of books. As such, you would wait a little bit longer. I will keep in touch with you via email to inform you if things are running late and to provide the tracking numbers on the orders if the post office provides them.