Hey, everyone! My next release is coming up soon, so I’m posting to let you all know a bit about it. On Twilight’s Wings is the first in a series of YA fantasy novels set on an alternate world. The story centers around a web of secrets, a kidnapped bride, a jilted lover, and a dethroned prince. I’ve included the information for the book below.

The soft release for the ebook is on February 15th for those who pre-ordered. However, there are some technical things I have to do to get the book (both ebook and paperback) into the right categories, and I want to give reviewers time to read the book before any reviews are due. As such, the “official” release date will be March 30th. I’m planning to do something to celebrate the launch over on Facebook. Depending on my schedule, it may not be a full-blown launch party, but I’ll probably be doing a giveaway of some type to celebrate the release, and I may share some excerpts from the book or even do some videos with readings. More details will be out about that once I actually finalize plans and figure out what I’m doing.


She is the key to everything.

Until a few months ago, Cat’s only worries were about her foster parents and whether she’ll be shipped off to another boarding school over the summer. Dealing with a painful past and a friendless existence were at the top of her priority list.

All of that is about to change.

Shortly after she finds out that she’ll be remaining home for the summer, the visions, headaches, and terrible pains start. Then a new guy shows up in her quiet neighborhood, and, suddenly, her visions are showing events surrounding him and other strange beings.
Nothing is as it seems.

In this new world, nothing is the way it was, and everything requires her to become more than a frightened foster kid trying to make it through the day. She’s determined to get answers, but the more she sees in her visions, the less certain she is that she wants those answers.

But answers are coming.

Like it or not.

Final Notes:

For those wondering, I do have the sequel written already. I have to go through and do an extensive edit on it, but my plan is to have it out around this same time next year just like I did with this one. I will warn you that there’s a cliff-hanger, but I’m not cruel enough to leave you hanging on that for a full year (unless you really want to wait that long). So, if you head over to my Wattpad profile, you can find the first chapter of the second book there. It resolves the cliffhanger. It isn’t fully edited, I will warn you, but it’s not so bad that I felt embarrassed to leave it up, for whatever that’s worth.

You can get a copy of the book on Amazon or Kobo, and, later on, I will also be putting it up on Barnes and Noble if Nook or a paperback that isn’t from Amazon happen to be your preferences for reading. I’ll be putting up links for the book once I have everything all settled and sorted out.

If you guys want a free copy of the book, I have ARC copies available. You can apply to get a review copy from me at StoryOrigin or email me, and we can discuss a timeline for it. If you’re looking to read the book but don’t feel you can justify purchasing it at this moment in time, I get it. This is a great way for you to read it in exchange for a review instead of purchasing a copy. Otherwise, the pre-order is available on Amazon, and the book is already out on Kobo (since the background stuff Amazon makes me go through to categorize it the way it should be categorized isn’t necessary on Kobo, so far as I know.).

Parents, this book is intended for a slightly older teen audience. It does involve some discussion of abuse, sexual harassment, and rape due to the nature of one of the character’s pasts and the ongoing situation in the book. However, aside from a few scenes that mention it or points where the main character opens up about her past, nothing is shown. I’ve kept content PG-13 and as sensitive to these difficult topics as I could. That said, the book is probably best suited for teens who are at least 15 and have the ability to understand the seriousness of these topics as well as that these behaviors are never okay.

If these kinds of things are triggering to you, you may want to steer clear of the book. While the main character overcomes her past throughout the course of the book, the journey to get there is difficult and long. If that’s going to bother you, then the book probably isn’t for you. I understand that not every book will be for everyone, and I want to make sure my work doesn’t cause mental distress to people unnecessarily or without prior warning, particular on issues like these.