Work-In-Progress Wednesdays #13

This week, I'm sharing a part of an anthology piece I've been working on with a few author friends of mine. The piece is a historical fantasy short story about two characters that will feature in a prequel series to The Gate Chronicles. The Gate Chronicles were the first books where I started exploring the…

Work-In-Progress Wednesdays #12

This week, I've got a little snippet from In Darkness Lost. I've been doing a ton of editing and revision work on this to get the revised edition of the Kindle ready and a paperback out for the first time. In this particular scene, one of the two main characters, a mage known as Crypt,…

My Thoughts on Ariel Paiement’s Bane of Ashkarith

Check out James Quinlan Meservy’s review of Bane of Ashkarith!

James Quinlan Meservy - Author

My Thoughts on Ariel Paiement’s Bane of Ashkarith

5 STAR REVIEW, and I highly recommend it to all lovers of Fantasy.

I was hooked from the first paragraph, being that it began with an archaeological excavation, and archaeology is a passion of mine. So much of a passion of mine that my BA is in antholopogy with an emphasis in archaeology. That coupled with the complete and well developed ancient mythologies, and I fell in love with this book. Captivating story line, that grabbed my interest and refused to relent my attention until i finished the final page, left wanting more.

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